Pastor & Missionary

Pastor Shoichi Ino

I and my family, and a number of friends, started this church 31 years ago. Affiliated with the Japan Evangelical Covenant Church, we have had the cooperation of missionaries and rich fellowship among many people. The church’s small group worship and prayer times, and English classes and music classes, especially have helped people enjoy wonderful friendships. In addition, for a number of years now we have had active fellowship with the church in America. We acquired a new meeting place in October of 2003, and as an international fellowship, we hope to continue serviing God and people more and more. Please visit our meetings and activities at least once. We are ready to welcome you!
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SeeHuang Missionary SeeHuang

I am a native English speaker from Malaysia. I graduated with a Master’s degree in English from Abilene Christian University, Texas, United States. In America, I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to Japanese students. When I returned to my home country of Malaysia, I taught Japanese housewives and businessmen English.
I enjoy cooking and vegetable gardening. I have been studying Japanese for many years, and while I am able to converse on everyday subjects, I would like to better improve my Japanese.

Otto Pastor Otto Schaufele

Otto and Pat Schaufele were sent out along with Steve and Sheila Breithaupt by River City Church to be missionaries in Japan with River City Christian Mission.
They went back to March 2016. Thank you so much!

Steve Pastor Stephen Breithaupt

Steve and Sheila Breithaupt were sent out along with Otto and Pat by River City Church to be missionaries in Japan with River City Christian Mission.
They went back to August 2014. Thank you so much!

Haworth Pastor Haworth

Cooperating Missionary
He went back to February 2014.
Thank you so much!

Henry Pastor Henry E. Lake

I’ve had wonderful years at IBF, so I’m sad to say that I’ve decided it’s time for me to return America. I will begin my life there celebrating Christmas, after celebrating an early Christmas events here withyou! Thank you for your friendship through the years. I really appreciate it and hope it continues in the future by visits and correspondence.(Dec.2012)