Announcement: Worship services in July 2020

We will continue to upload sermons on this website, even as we start meeting physically for worship. If you have a fever, feel unwell, or are uneasy about attending physical services, please refrain from coming.

In July, the morning service will begin at 11:00am and last for only one hour. Sunday School (CS), during the morning service, will begin dividing into different age groups again. The afternoon service will begin at 1:47pm as usual and also last for an hour.

During praise singing, we will open the windows and doors for ventilation, and so only quiet worship songs will be sung, to avoid disturbing our neighbors. We will refrain from conducting Communion and giving handshakes or hugs, and maintain physical distance between people who attend church. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping these guidelines.

Every week, we will report the number of attendees in each service through our newsletter. So please keep the numbers in mind when deciding which service to attend, as we wish to limit the attendance to no more than 25 people per service. Please help us keep a good balance in numbers between the morning and afternoon services. Thank you.